Online shopping is a great way of getting what you want, whenever you want it. The internet has made it possible to buy merchandise, have fun such as watch football online, and pay for services without lifting a limb. There are many payment methods available to online shoppers, such as cash payment, payment on delivery or interbank transfers.

However, the most popular payment method is the use of credit card. Credit card payment is easy and convenient. However, credit card fraud cases have skyrocketed, making it essential to be on the lookout. Here are a few ways to ensure safe online shopping with credit card.

Don’t share your credit card

The first line of defence is keeping the card with you at all times. This reduces chances of the card landing in the wrong hands. In case you can’t trace your card, report to your bank immediately so that it can be deactivated.

Keep your PIN secret

The personal identification number should be kept under wraps even to close family members. Anyone with the knowledge of the number can transact and steal money from your account. In addition to keeping it secret, change your PIN frequently.

Go through your credit card statement

It is improper to wait for the end of the year to request and read you credit card statement. This prevents you from noticing suspicious transactions in good time. Moreover, it becomes almost impossible to track and catch up with fraudsters. Perusing your statement regularly helps you keep tabs with every transaction and flag off any suspicious activities.

Update your bank information

Most banks send alerts to credit card holders informing them of every transaction. To receive these alerts, give your bank authority to send updates on every activity that goes on with your account. In case of change of address, email or telephone contacts, inform your bank. These ensures you receiving alerts uninterruptedly.