Tips on What to Wear to a Casino

Going to a casino, especially in the evening, is a good way of winding down. The options on the activities you can engage in while spending time in a casino are endless. Even if you are not a regular gambler, you can always check into the casino near you and watch what is going on as you sip your favourite drink. There is, however, a dress code of what you should wear, depending on individual casinos. It is advisable for gamblers to adhere to the dress codes so that they do not come over as rude. Before checking into a casino, inquire if they have a dress code. Some of the likely clothes people will be required to wear to a casino are:

White Tie Attire

Even though most casinos do not insist on white tie dressing any more, there are occasions that still need people to don formal wear when going into a casino. This mostly applies to when there is a dinner event being held inside the casino.

The men are expected to show up in black dress coats and black trousers. Inside, they should be having pearl white shirts, a white vest, gloves, (white or grey), cufflinks, preferably golden and black leather shoes with black socks. Women should be in black flowing gowns, long enough to cover their ankles, sleeked hair, and something extra like dainty jewellery and some makeup.

Black Tie Attire

For casino wear, the black tie is the more common option for formal events. Undoubtedly, over the years, there have been a few changes about what entails a black-tie attire, and the rules have been getting lax. Men should wear a white shirt, waistcoat, black bow tie, a dark jacket and black shoes. Basically, they should look formal.

Women should be in evening dresses and shoes. For people who do not want to dress up to go to a casino, there is the option of virtually checking into a casino through online games that can be accessed on phone or computer. There are several online betting sites, and some come with extra features such as the Unibet Bonuses that give users promotions and offers as they bet on the Unibet site.

Semi-Formal Attire

For most casinos, the semi-formal attire is standard and seen as the norm, Men can go to the casino is dark business suits, shoes that match their outfits, and a formal tie. For the ladies, they should wear a formal cocktail dress or skirt. A fitting pantsuit is also acceptable.

Casual Attire

Casual does not mean not caring for how to dress. When going to the casino in casual attire, men should be formal jeans or khaki trousers. Their t-shirts should be a plain colour, preferably white. They should wear sneakers or loafers, but not distracting colours.

For women, casual means being in a decent summer dress or wearing jeans and a plain shirt. Being casual does not mean wearing tiny shorts or revealing clothing to a casino. Be discreet and smart at the same time.